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Floro Mini Shawl Kits

Floro Mini Shawl Kits

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A beautiful and elegant shawl designed by Florence Spurling, a mini shawl with refreshing spring colors. She chose 4 harmonious colors in Pika Pika to make this floral design.

Pika Pika is the perfect spring summer yarn, 60% superwash merino 20% silk 20% ramie, soft with great sheen and drapes, it makes your knits irresistible!

Florence used Sprouts, Pink Champagne, Iced Tea and Frozen. I also curated other color options for you as well. If you feel like adventurous, you can even pick your own 4 colors, just go to Pika Pika page to pick your own.

This kit does not include the pattern. Please visit Florence's website or her Ravelry page to purchase the pattern.

Care information

Wash in cold water

Lay flat to dry

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